Give Up My Timeshare was founded to provide a straightforward, zero risk option for timeshare owners that want out. In an industry riddled with scams, we held firm to a belief that no money should be needed upfront to offer an exit solution. We are the only company that executes a  take over of the ownership quickly and with no upfront cost to you. By offering a title transfer, we have arranged buyers to take title and membership as well as the obligations to maintenance fees forever. 

The only way to guarantee that you are out of a timeshare is to find a new owner. We have partnered with industry aggregates (travel clubs, vacation rental companies) to outsource the inventory and cover the long term costs of maintenance fees. These travel companies use technology to market the inventory on competitive platforms that the average timeshare owner cannot access or leverage. 

All accepted timeshares will be legally transferred out of your name and you will no longer be obligated to any future maintenance fees. This is not a listing service or marketing company of any kind. We guarantee to remove your name from the ownership. YOU will no longer be financially responsible. If you are not legally divested, you pay nothing.


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  • My husband and I have gotten to a point where we could not travel as much as we have liked to. We also have lovely grandchildren we would not be able to take with us. We have given up our timeshare and now just use airbnb or vrbo to rent larger spaces where we can bring the whole family. This service has been great and we no longer have to pay for a timeshare we cannot use and no longer wanted to use. Thank You!

    Sarah J.
    14 Reviews
  • Thank you to Give Up My Timeshare for getting my family out of our timeshare! We didn’t know that by signing up for one would be such a burden on us financially. Our representative was so helpful and guided us every step of the way. My wife and I are so relieved to not have this hanging over our heads anymore!

    Travis Marquez
    3 Reviews
  • The overall experience with the company went well. I believe it took 6 to 8 weeks total… I was not cheap to get out of, however, I am out of my time share which was the goal. I was not using my time share and the yearly maintenance fees were expensive. It made no financial sense to keep the time share at that point… i can recommend this company. I was in constant contact with the company all the way-by phone call, text and email-which was reassuring…so if you are looking to say good bye to your time share Give up my Timeshare is the real deal! Thank you!

    Ray Vogel
    2 Reviews


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