Watch our CEO on Fox 10 explain how to get out of a timeshare

The travel industry came to a screeching halt and for the more than 10 million American who own timeshare, many are wanting to off-load that extra expense. For many, the reason is financial, for some seniors, they are simply now...
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Pandemic brings surge of people looking to dump timeshares — and scams

With more people weary about traveling and looking to trim down their finances amid the coronavirus pandemic, industry experts say there’s been a surge in people trying to get out of their timeshare properties. “I think as we’re all looking...
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West Valley Couple Scammed by Timeshare Exit Company Warns Others Amidst COVID Travel Scare

West Valley seasonal residents, Ron and Teddy Smidt, were first reluctant to share their story in fear of looking foolish to friends and family. They then realized their story might prevent others from becoming a victim and losing thousands of...
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More people looking to exit timeshare commitments amidst economic instability

As the economic fallout from the COVID-19 crisis continues to create fluctuating markets and financial instability, many individuals, couples and families are taking a hard look at where they are investing their money.  Rising maintenance fees and heightened competition for...
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Be wary of timeshare exit scams during COVID-19 financial instability

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we go about our daily business – including traveling and vacations. Because of this, Give Up My Timeshare has seen a surge in the number of people wanting to get out of their...
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