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The Truth About
Timeshare Webinar

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The Truth About Timeshare

What you will learn about the timeshare industry in this short video:

1. Lies & Scams of the Timeshare Exit Industry

Hint: if they ask for money up front, there’s a good chance it’s a scam

2. The changes in the industry

It’s not your fault you want out. Timeshare ownership has outlived its usefulness. We’ll explain why.

3. Your legitimate timeshare exit options

Hint: there’s only one – a legal title transfer

Happy Clients

Finally Free!

Thank you to Give Up My Timeshare for getting my family out of our timeshare! We didn’t know that by signing up for one would be such a burden on us financially. Our representative was so helpful and guided us every step of the way. My wife and I are so relieved to not have this hanging over our heads anymore!


Thank You!

We were delighted with the whole process. A detailed explanation of how the team would work with us and our responsibilities were presented to us on our first phone call. We provided the information requested and the team kept us informed of their progress. They were very professional and accomplished our request in less than 60 days. Beyond grateful for this company. Thank you!!!


Our Story

Our mission is to revolutionize the timeshare exit industry by providing a zero-risk option for timeshare owners that want out!