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“It seemed like a good idea at the time.” That’s what so many of the 10 million timeshare owners in the US said when they signed up. But times have changed — especially during 2020 — and so has the travel industry.

Timeshares were once the only way you could stay in condos when you traveled, so if you wanted a “home away from home” feel, they were a perfect fit. But thanks to Airbnb and VRBO and other rental options, timeshares no longer have the allure they once did. Fees are rising, availability is limited and needs evolve. Kids grow up, finances change and interests shift. Even after decades of building happy memories at a timeshare, you might someday decide it’s no longer a fit for you.

Thankfully, for those feeling pangs of buyer’s remorse, there’s Give Up My Timeshare. They help people get out of timeshares — and those owners pay no money up front, so there’s no risk in doing it. An estimated 8 million timeshare owners want out — and Give Up My Timeshare can help.

How Give Up My Timeshare is different

They were founded to provide a straightforward, zero-risk option for timeshare owners that want out once and for all. In an industry riddled with scams, Give Up My Timeshare held firm to a belief that no money should be needed up front to offer an exit solution. They are the only company that executes a takeover of the ownership quickly and with no up-front cost to you. By offering a title transfer, they have arranged buyers to take your title and membership as well as the obligations of your maintenance fees forever. ​

The only way to guarantee that you are out of a timeshare is to find a new owner. Give Up My Timeshare has partnered with industry aggregates such as travel clubs, vacation rental companies to outsource the inventory and cover the long term costs of maintenance fees. These travel companies market the inventory on competitive platforms in a way that’s just not possible for an individual timeshare owner.

So exactly what do they do with your timeshares? Good question! They work with over 60 different websites, from Rentals.com and Trivago to HomeAway and FlipKey to mass market these rentals.

All accepted timeshares will be legally transferred out of your name and you will no longer be obligated to any future maintenance fees. Give Up My Timeshare is not a listing service. They guarantee to remove your name from the ownership. You will no longer be financially responsible. If you are not legally divested, you pay nothing.

Don’t fall prey to timeshare exit scams

The warnings were once about buying timeshares, but now they’re on selling them. The exit industry is booming — but full of scams. Just as you’re not expected to pay your listing agent up front when you sell your home, you shouldn’t have to pay your exit company before they actually get you out of a timeshare. That’s where Give Up My Timeshare is different.

You bring your fees to closing and pay the title company directly. Give Up My Timeshare is not like the other companies that require thousands of dollars of up-front fees with no guarantee they’ll actually get you out of your timeshare.  With Give Up My Timeshare, you pay zero up front and all monies are paid directly to title.

Interested in giving up your timeshare? Don’t wait — here’s why.

  • Developers have lobbied Washington to limit your exit options.
  • Lawsuits keep popping up against exit companies to lock owners in forever.
  • Changes have been made to transfer options, limiting your ability to sell.
  • The industry continues to undergo massive consolidation.

Ready to give up your timeshare? You’ll start with a free consultation to discuss your goals and specific situation. Then you’ll open escrow, the legal documents will be prepared — and you’ll be on your way out!

In approximately 30 – 45 days, the title transfers from your name, and the resort is notified that there’s a new owner.. After that, you’re free — and done with timeshares forever.

Tired of your timeshare? Learn your options at giveupmytimeshare.com or call 833-344-8387.

Free Consultation

The only risk free Timeshare exit option with Zero Money due Up Front

Give Up My Timeshare was founded to provide a straightforward, zero risk option for timeshare owners that want out.

In an industry riddled with scams, we held firm to a belief that no money should be needed upfront to offer an exit solution.

We are the only company that executes a take over of the ownership quickly and with no upfront cost to you.