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The travel industry came to a screeching halt and for the more than 10 million American who own timeshare, many are wanting to off-load that extra expense. For many, the reason is financial, for some seniors, they are simply now afraid to travel. Give Up My Timeshare has seen a 300% increase in calls on people wanting to get out. Give Up My Timeshare is registered with the BBB with an A rating and offers the only zero up front timeshare exit option.

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The only risk free Timeshare exit option with Zero Money due Up Front

Give Up My Timeshare was founded to provide a straightforward, zero risk option for timeshare owners that want out.

In an industry riddled with scams, we held firm to a belief that no money should be needed upfront to offer an exit solution.

We are the only company that executes a take over of the ownership quickly and with no upfront cost to you.